About Us

about 1We are Inspired

All good inspiration comes from the heart. We grew up on a Mediterranean diet eating the very same foods we now serve to you. Our own childhood inspired the creation of Kiwi Cafe and Smoothies to provide for you now what we received as children. We know first hand the benefits of eating preservative free meats and fresh vegetables, and want to help you provide the same healthy food for yourself and your family. Want to know more about our inspiration and drive? Feel free to ask us any time.

We are Focused

The knowledge of our positive impact on your health is what drives us to perfection. We seek to keep harmful chemicals and hormones out of your food. Why eat food that provides nothing for your health? The products we serve are rich in antioxidants and proteins meaning nothing you eat here will go to waste. We provide options for detox cleansing, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and cholesterol reducing meals. Knowing gluten and lactose can be a problem for many, we provide options in breads and milks to cater to your specific dietary needs.

We are Delicious

In addition to all the health benefits that our products bring to your life, we desire for your experience to be overwhelmingly pleasing. Here at Kiwi, the quality and taste of food and drinks are important. We ensure that the flavors are rich and the freshness is high in all our products by using local vendors, in-house baking, and organic options.

We are Here for You.

Stop in on your commute to work for a smoothie or coffee, on your lunch break, or bring the family for an early dinner. We desire to make ourselves available to you. Let us know how we can help you. We look forward to serving you.